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The price:¥19,440. Shipping fee is not included

Oreder form

Supported  transceivers


FT-991, FT-991A, FTDX3000, TS-990, TS-590, TS-590G, K3S, KX3

Usable via SCU-17 (using original manufacturer cable)

FTDX5000, FT-2000, FTDX9000, FTDX1200, KX3 (audio connection) .

Usable via SCU-17 (make yourself of audio cable etc is necessary)

FT-450, FT-450D, TS-2000, TS-870, TS-480, TS-850, TS-950.

SCU-17 (Yaesu) is used to connect with the transceivers that does’t have a USB terminal to a computer.

Recommended AC adapter, option etc

AC adapter, case, shack controller, USB jog wheel …please purchase from the following.
We can not assume any responsibility for these products with other companies’ products.

Shack controller (Electrodesign)

Use RRS-Pi to control the rotator and peripheral devices. When you connect this unit to RRS – Pi, the rotator screen and relay switch screen are expanded. This product is manufactured and sold by Electrodesign Co., Ltd.


USB Jog wheel  (Griffintechnology)

With PowerMate you can operate RRS-Pi with the VFO dial feeling of the radio. In addition, if you install a special VFO dial for PowerMate, you can remotely operate as if you were tuning a rig in front of you.

Griffin Technology PowerMate 【カスタマイズ可能なUSBマルチメディアコントローラー (スペースグレー)

Griffin Technology Power Mate (Amazon)

Griffintechnology/PowerMate USB/VFOダイヤル化キット/取付ベース・VFOダイヤル(VFO-DIAL/Tuning Knob)RTL-SDR(SDR#,HDSDR,SDRConsole,SDRunoその他)/Perseus/アマチュア無線機制御ソフト/Ham Radio Deluxe/RCCIV/IC-PCRその他に対応)

 “kit for to be VFO dial ” for PowerMate(Amazon)


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